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Jenny is a poet from Liverpool – she tweets as @jirobb and has a Facebook page: Jenny Robb Poems. See her Blogs and About pages for more information.

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My fourth published poem was Imago, published by Yaffle Press in the anthology, An Insubstantial Universe, eds Amina Alyal and Edwin Stockwell. This book is a celebration of George Eliot to mark the bicentennial anniversary of her birth and was published in March 2020. I was so excited to have my first poem in a…


My fourth published poem was a light-hearted one based on an incident that happened whilst in Italy. It was published in Dempsey and Windle’s Newsletter: Innocent in smooth yellow jackets hidden malevolence lurks. Perfectly wrapped fast food, it rolls, lingers unnoticed, bruised: powerful ripening mode activated. Sun beats the metal tin box: car door opened,…

To a Distant Lover

My third published poem was a sonnet that I had written in the early 90’s when my boyfriend, then living in Italy, and I agreed that we should each write a sonnet. At the time I was working full-time as a social services Team Manager, Children and Families, and doing an evening class on poetry…

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