My fourth published poem was a light-hearted one based on an incident that happened whilst in Italy. It was published in Dempsey and Windle’s Newsletter:

Innocent in smooth yellow jackets

hidden malevolence lurks.

Perfectly wrapped fast food, it rolls,

lingers unnoticed, bruised:

powerful ripening mode activated.

Sun beats the metal tin box:

car door opened, the sweet smell of decay

assaults us; alien brown gunge

glistens slimily, its caramel bottom

suckered to the floor.

Meanwhile rogue banana’s siblings,

super powers turned to max,

host microscopic eggs

and rot neighbouring grapes.

Fruit flies cloud the kitchen.

Mysteriously emitting antimatter,

their B6 and tryptophan fight the blues.

Slippy skins, are a cartoon hazard

but potassium & magnesium protect our hearts.

Heroes, villains, or just bananas?

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