About Jenny Robb

Jenny – a poet from Liverpool

I’m retired after 34 years of working in Mental Health Services. I started writing poetry seriously for publication on retirement, and after initial success with my poem Suffrage, published in the Morning Star in February 2016 on International Women’s Day, I had to wait 4 years for another poem to be published!

In the meantime I worked at the craft by doing the Manchester Writer’s Bureau Course for 2 years which was enormously helpful with form, structure and style, and then in November 2019 I did a wonderful Arvon tutored poetry retreat. The tutors were really superb, (Fiona Benson and Katrina Naomi), and the poets on the retreat, mostly much more experienced than me, were so generous with their advice and support – a truly life changing experience, as can be seen by my list of publications below, (there are quite a few more publications in the pipeline but will list them when published):

5.2.2020 Tuscan Sea Scenes – Writing at the Beach Hut

14.2.2020 To a Distant Lover – Nightingale & Sparrow Literary Magazine

4.5.2020 Bananas – Poem of the Week in Dempsey and Windle’s Newsletter

5.5 2020 Deserted Ruin – Pendemic.ie (online poems written in lockdown)

May 2020 Imago – An Insubstantial Universe, George Eliot Anthology, (Yaffle Press)

23.5.2020 The World in Lockdown People’s Poem, Merseyside Poets, (ed. Barry Woods), my contribution is verse 23

28.5.2020 Depression Circle – As Above So Below, Issue 5

August 2020 A Blessing and a Curse – Bloody Amazing Anthology, (Beautiful Dragons/Yaffle Press)

22.9.2020 3 poems published on poetryandcovid.com website: Unseasonable Spring for the Fortunate; The Three Sisters, and Spectral Bridge.

28.9.2020 Witch Manifesto published on Mookychic website

28.10.2020 Liminal Beach published online in As Above So Below

2.11.2020 Stealing Hannah’s Lip Balm published in The Language of Salt Anthology, (Fragmented Voices Press)

November 2020 Green Dress published online in Fragmented Voices Magazine

December 2020 Tablecloth published in Reach Magazine

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