Tuscan Sea Scenes

My second published poem was accepted not long after I came back from the Arvon poetry tutored retreat at Totleigh Barton. The wonderful tutors, Katrina Naomi and Fiona Benson, and the 14 poets, (most of whom were more experience and established than me), were supportive and inspiring; it was a life changing experience, before this I had contemplated giving up writing. Tuscan Sea Scenes was published by the lovely ezine, Writing at the Beach Hut, and reflects some of my times in Italy since retiring:

Tuscan Sea Scenes

The Caribeann white sands of Vada

have lost their spring banks of seaweed.

Fishing lines and tattered plastic lace

mingle with towels and migrant men

patrolling, selling, wave after wave.

In Rosignano Solvay

the factory with pluming towers

releases bi-carbonate waste

into turquoise sea.

Tuscan town and village life survives.

In Pomaia red-robed Buddhist monks

meditate, watching fields

roll down to a distant milky sea.

Lowering sun anoints it with gold

in defiance of fading light.

From Castellina hills

a fiery mushroom cloud sunset

barely disturbs slate sea.

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